Status of the Geoscience Workforce Report 2018 - Digital Edition

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Written by Carolyn Wilson

The definitive report about the geoscience workforce prepared by AGI.  This report examines all aspects of workforce, from the K-12 environment through university education, industry activities, and economic metrics.  Compiled from a myriad of sources, including primary data collected by AGI and from the US Government, companies, and professional societies. 


  • Introduction
  • Acknowledgements
  • Chapter 1: Trends in K–12 Geoscience Education — Preparing Students for College Geoscience Programs and Society
    • Earth Science Education
    • Teachers
    • Students
  • Chapter 2: Postsecondary Education Benchmarks
  • Chapter 3: Trends in Two-Year College Geoscience Programs
    • Geoscience Departments and Faculty
    • Geoscience Students
    • Geoscience Associate’s Degrees
  • Chapter 4: Trends in Four-Year Institution Geoscience Programs
    • Geoscience Departments
    • Geoscience Faculty
    • Geoscience University Students
    • Co-Curricular Activities
    • Skills Development
    • Student Plans for Graduate School
    • Funding of the Geosciences at the University Level
    • Funding of Geoscience Students
  • Chapter 5: Trends in Geoscience Employment — Examining Student Transitions and Workforce Dynamics
    • Early Career Workforce
    • Salary Trends for Geoscience Occupations
    • Demographics of the Geoscience Profession
    • Workforce Age Demographics
    • Geoscience Employment Projections 2016–2026
  • Chapter 6: Trends in Economic Metrics and Drivers of the Geoscience Workforce
    • Federal Research Funding for the Geosciences
    • Commodity Prices and Output
    • Gross Domestic Product Contribution of Geosciences
    • Productive Activity of Geoscience Industries
  • Appendix A: Defining the Geosciences
    • Educational Classifications
    • Occupational Classifications
    • Industry Classifications
    • AGI’s Working Definition of Geoscience Occupations
  • Appendix B: Data Sources
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