Living With Unstable Ground

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by Thomas Holzer Most of us take the stability of the ground for granted. However, many ongoing natural processes and human activities, and occasionally complex combinations of both, displace the ground. Whether ground displacements are large and catastrophic or small and slow, their cumulative impact during the lifetimes of humans or civilizations may be large and destructive. Parts of every state in the United States are affected by these instabilities of the ground. As the demand for land grows and humans increasingly modify their environment, more and more people will be exposed to these instabilities and suffer the consequences. Living with Unstable Ground, the 10th publication in AGI's Environmental Awareness Series, is a practical guide and will increase your awareness and understanding of how you can build safely in areas with unstable ground and what society can do to reduce the impact of unstable ground. Produced by the American Geosciences Institute in cooperation with Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists, Applied Technology Council with support from the ATC Endowment Fund, and the U.S. Geological Survey. ISBN 0-922152-82-9. Paperback, 8.50"x11.00" 64 pp. item #636601
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