The Geotimes Collection: 60 Years of Geoscience

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Now you can have 63 years’ worth of geoscientific information at your fingertips with AGI’s "The Geotimes Collection: 60 Years of Geoscience. On this 16G USB flash drive you will find every issue of Geotimes since its debut in 1956 all the way through the 2019 final issue of EARTH.

Geotimes, which changed to EARTH in September 2008, has been a leader in the geosciences when it comes to informing and educating the community of recent discoveries, trends and events affecting our planet. This collection provides a fascinating window into the past from the articles, profiles, discoveries and events to the classic cartoons and ads that were quite different than what you will see now. You also get a window into AGI and its growth into the organization it is today.

All 61 years of issues are PDF files in chronological order loaded on to a 16G USB flash drive. A standard license agreement goes into effect with purchase.

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