2018 Earth Science Week Toolkit - Earth as Inspiration

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Copies of "Earth as Inspiration", the 2018 Earth Science Week Toolkit are available for just the cost of shipping and handling ($8.50 for the first kit, $2.25 for each additional kit in the United States). This price includes Library Rate shipping to U.S. addresses via the U.S. Postal Service, allowing 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

The Earth Science Week 2018 Toolkit includes:

• 12-month school-year activity calendar, suitable for hanging

• New Earth Science Week poster, including a learning activity

• NASA materials on school resources and planetary exploration

• National Park Service posters on caves, plants, and geology

• Geologic Map Day poster dealing with artistic inspiration

• Mineral Education Coalition “Quarry to Crop” postcard

• IRIS material on seismology and earthquakes

• AmericaView poster on exploring America through LandSat

• Howard Hughes Medical Institute poster on global change

• UNAVCO materials on Geodesy and websites to explore

• Fact sheet from Critical Zones Observatories

• Switch Energy Project information on energy science

• Bureau of Land Management dinosaur coloring page

• Material on Constructing the Rock Cycle from GSA

• Water Footprint Calculator information on water science

• EarthScope material on what it means to be an Earth scientist

• CLEAN, AMS, TERC, and GPS information and more

For special shipping, bulk orders, and more information about Earth Science Week, visit www.earthsciweek.org or call AGI Publications at (703) 379-2480.

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